Q&A Mad Men Hair Fibers

How to choose the right color for your hair?
Choose a colour that is similar to your own. It doesn't have
to match perfectly, as the fibres will blend with your own hair.

  1. Look in the mirror. Look at your root color and match your root color. When in doubt, choose the darker shade. Example medium brown instead of light brown.    
  2. For highlighted hair sprinkle in a lighter shade which will blend with your highlights. For hair that is graying, sprinkle the main colour first (example: black, brown, blonde etc.) followed by a sprinkling of grey.

How long does one bottle of Mad Men Hair Building Fibers last?

28 Gram supply typically lasts approx. 4-6 weeks with everyday use,, perhaps longer. It really depends on how much you use it. We expect that you should get about 60-90 applications. One application should last until you wash your hair next.

Can Mad Men Hair Building Fibers get onto my clothes?

If Mad Men fibers come in contact with your clothes, just dust it off with your hands and watch it disappear. Fibers are colorfast.

Can I run my hand through my hair?

Yes Mad Men Hair Building Fibers disburses very well all over your head. Once locked with Mad Men fiber locking spray, the fibers hold and bonds with your existing hairs, to give the best appearance ever. So when you run your fingers through your hair it will always stay in place.

What happens if my hair gets wet in the rain?  

Once Mad Men Hair Building Fibers are applied, its micro composition fibers bond with your own “vellus” and thinning hair securely so that strong wind, rain fall, or even snow will not make it run or smear. The only way is to shampoo it out.  We do recommend using our Mad Men Fiber lock spray to increase the bond between the fibers and thinning hairs. Spray is Alcohol Free.

Can I exercise or even sweat in that case?

Absolutely yes, perspiration and exercising will not cause Mad Men Hair Building Fibers to smear or run in any way.

Can I sleep with Mad Men Hair Building Fibers in my hair at night?

Yes you could, you may find a little on your pillow, just dust it off with your Hands and watch them disappear.

 What colors do Mad Men Hair Fibers come in?
Black, Dark Brown, Medium Brown, Light Brown, Dark Blond, Light Blond, Auburn and Grey

Once applied is it detectable?

As long as you disperse it well where needed, it will be totally undetectable. Even Your barber or hairdresser in that case will not even notice it.